Cathedral Viterbo

Viterbo is the capital of the province of Viterbo in Lazio, Italy and lies slightly more than 100km north of Rome. Unofficially the area where Viterbo is located is called Tuscia, however.

All about Viterbo

History of Viterbo

Cathedral Viterbo
The Cathedral

Though there were earlier Etruscan settlements, and also a Roman village called Ferento, it was not until the Middle Ages that Viterbo became important. This happened in an unexpected way however, since the city became a refuge for Popes fleeing Rome.

Viterbo tourist information

There are two tourist information offices in Viterbo, one of which is near the Porta Romana railway station. The other one is in the center of town.

Top Tourist Attractions Viterbo

Palazzo dei Papi: Also known as the Palazzo Papale. There was a time when Popes in trouble took refuge in this palace.

Cattedrale di San Lorenzo: 12th century cathedral that became very important when the Popes moved to Viterbo.

Piazza del Plebiscito

Piazza San Lorenzo: Named after one of the city’s two patron saints.

Museo Nazionale: Housed in the former fortress Rocca Albernoz, Viterbo‘s national museum displays reconstructions of Etruscan architecture. There are also  a number of statues found in the former Roman settlement of Ferento.

Chiesa di San Silvestro: in Piazza del Gesù, with a plaque in memory of Henry of Corwall, who was murdered here.

Ceramics Museum

Museo della Macchina di Santa Rosa: in the Via di San Pellegrino.

San Pellegrino: The historic area of town, with stone houses in narrow alleys.

Lions: The lion is the emblem of the Viterbo and all over the city you will see fountains, etc. with statues of the animal.

Palazzi Comunali: Palazzo dei Priori and Palazzo della Podestà

Museo Civico: in Piazza Crispi

Chiesa di Santa Maria del Poggio

Chiesa di San Damiano

Viterbo Festivals and Special Events

  • September 3rd (evening): Trasporto della Macchina di Santa Rosa: A 30 meter tall structure is carried through the streets of Viterbo. The feast is in honor of the relocation of Santa Rosa‘s body from the Church of Santa Maria del Poggio to the Church of San Damiano.
  • May: San Pellegrino in Fiore, a flower festival.
  • September/October: Baroque Festival

Viterbo, Province of Viterbo, Lazio, Italy

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