Viterbo, Fiera dell’Annunziata (March 25)

Every year on March 25 Viterbo hosts the Fiera dell’Annunziata, a market with a length of more than 3km.

The market starts at the Porta Romana, winds its way through the historical center of Viterbo, and ends at the other important gate, the Porta Fiorentina.

In the stalls multitudes of objects are sold, from clothing and toys to candy, antiques and handicrafts.

Of course, this is Italy after all, food and wine from all over the country can be sampled in and around the market.

During the Fiera dell’Annunziata schools and government offices in Viterbo are closed, so the entire population of the city has a chance to enjoy the festivities.

The market starts early in the morning and continues until sunset.

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