Via della Lungaretta Rome

The Via della Lungaretta in Rome‘s picturesque Trastevere district runs exactly where, in the 2nd century BC, the Via Aurelia Nova was located.

Via della Lungaretta Rome

The ancient Via Aurelia Nova started at what was then called the Ponte Emilio (and is now known as the Ponte Rotto, or Broken Bridge). It went up the Janiculum hill and subsequently continued towards the Forum Aureli (now Montalto de Castro).

Initially the name was changed into the Via Trastiberina and later, under Pope Julius II, into the Via della Lungaretta.

The Via della Lungaretta is one of Rome’s most photogenic streets. The part east of the Viale Trastevere is more of an alley with several small shops (a.o. an English language used bookstore), while the part on the other side of the main street is wider and is full of restaurants.

Via della Lungaretta Tourist Attractions

  • Chiesa di Santa Agata: Built after the death of Pope Gregorius II’s mother. Here the Madonna de Noantri, protector of the inhabitants of Trastevere, can be found.
  • Chiesa delle Sante Rufina e Seconda: Built on top of the house of the two sisters Rufina and Seconda, martyrs.

Via della Lungaretta – Rome

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