Vetralla City Walls

Vetralla is a town along the Via Cassia and is located in the mountain range known as the Monti Cimini.

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Vetralla City Walls
Vetralla City Walls

Just like other towns in the area Vetralla was already inhabited in the times of the Etruscans.

Families that used to own Vetralla count the Orsini, the Di Vico, the Anguillara and the Farnese. For a while it was also in the hands of the Camera Apostolica.

Tourist Attractions Vetralla

  • Its proximity to the Via Cassia made the city a frequent target for intruders from the north and in the middle ages a strong wall was built around what was then the center.
  • Vetralla‘s Castle was built by the Di Vico‘s.
  • The 11th century Church of San Francesco holds the sarcophagus of Giacomo di Vico, who was decapitated in Soriago. The church was built on top of a pre-existing structure.
  • The Duomo
  • The 16th century Regina Pacis Monastery is found in the frazione Cura di Vetralla.

Tourist Attractions Outside Vetralla

  • Various finds around the city have led archeologists to assume that Vetralla originally was a Roman pagus (the smallest administrative part of a Province), which was gradually abandoned.
  • The ruins of the city of Norchia and its necropolis.

Festivals Vetralla

  • In 1206 Vetralla was given some woodland by Pope Innocent III. Neighboring Viterbo wanted this land, but was defeated in battle. The event is still celebrated every year as the Sposalizio dell’Albero (Wedding of the Tree).

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