Velletri: Festival of the Camellia

On March 19 and 20, 2011 visitors to Velletri, near Rome, will be awaited by beautiful camellia gardens, part of the annual Festival of Camellias (Festa delle Camelie), one of the most famous of its kind in Europe.

Camellia Festival Velletri (2011)

The camellia exhibition and market will be held in the Villa Ginnetti park, which stretches from the Monte Artimisio to the Monti Lepini. At the so-called Camellia Point visitors can acquire information about the plant.

The presence of the, originally Asian, cammellia near Velletri can be explained by the volcanic soil in the area, combined with a mild climate.

The camellia is an evergreen shrub or plant that can grow as tall as 20m and its best known use is for making tea.

The festival is held for the 17th time and various events are planned to make it more interesting. There are concerts, and street artists, fire eaters, flag wavers and equestrian shows will entertain the crowds.

The Palio dei Priori, a parade in Renaissance costumes , has become a festival tradition and for the first time there will be an Antique market.

For children there are workshops about the camellia, as well as pony riding and the arrival of an old Steam Train in the station of Velletri.

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