Vejano (province of Viterbo) is a small town of no more than 2000 inhabitants. It is built around its old castle and lies some 40 kilometers south of Viterbo itself.

Alla bout Vejano City Guide

The village was founded by the Etruscans (it is thought that the name might refer to the old settlement of Veio). It is here that the Vulci tribe settled when they had to flee from the Romans.

In all likelihood the first settlement was on the plains, but barbarian invasions caused the inhabitants to start building their dwellings on higher ground.

During the middle ages Vejano was owned by several noble families, a.o. the Vico and the Anguillara.

At the moment the old town is almost completely abandoned. This borgo was built by during the government by the Santacroce.

Tourist Attractions Vejano

  • The main tourist attraction is formed by the old castle, which was first restored by the Santacroce and later by the Borgia.
  • The Cappella della Madonna del Rosario was made by Antonio di Sangallo il Giovane as a funerary monument for the Santacroce .
  • Church of Santa Maria Assunta: Originally 16th century church, modified in a more baroque style one century later.
  • Church of Sant’Orsio: Dedicated to the patron saint of Vejano.

Tourist Attractions outside Vejano

  • The archeological area of Fontiloro consists of ruins dating back to the reign of Emperor Augustus and can be found along the street to Oriolo Romano. The artifacts found here can be seen in the Etruscan Museum in Rome itself.

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