Saint Peter’s Dome Rome

Saint Peter’s Dome is one of the most visible landmarks in Rome. It was designed by Michelangelo, but it was Giacomo della Porta who finished its construction in 1593, after Michelangelo‘s death. At 136 m high, Michelangelo’s dome is the tallest in the world. The total number of steps to climb is 551 and even if you take the lift, you will still have 320 steps to go. 

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Vatican Necropolis Rome

The necropolis underneath the central nave of Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome contains the tombs of Saint Peter, plus another 11 Popes. It consists of a dirt road, lined with monuments an ending in the small square where Saint Peter’s tomb is located. This necropolis can only be visited by making a reservation through the website of the Vatican itself.

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FAQ Vatican City

The FAQ most often asked by tourists about to visit the Vatican City in Rome are the following. Is there a dress code for the church and/or the museums? If so, what is it? Do we need to take our passport to the Vatican City? Is it possible to avoid the queue at the Vatican Museums? If I don’t want to pay extra for a reservation, when is the best time to go (avoiding the queues). How can I get an audience with the Pope?

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