Trajan’s Market Rome

Trajan’s Market (in Italian: Mercati di Traiano) was a complex of buildings (mostly offices, but also shops) in the times of the Roman Empire. It was located on a vast area on the slopes of the Quirinal Hill in Rome, much vaster than can presently be seen, since modern buildings have been constructed on top of its grounds. Its top terrace is mostly taken up by a big rectangular building, possibly a warehouse, which today is used as the Museo dei Fori Imperiali.

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Fountain of the Dioscuri Rome (Piazza del Quirinale)

The Fountain of the Dioscuri is located in the Piazza del Quirinale in the center Rome. It consists of two enormous statues of the Dioscuri and their horses, plus the Quirinal Obelisk. The monument is also known as the Monte Cavallo Fountain.

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Santissimo Nome di Maria al Foro di Traiano Church Rome

The Santissimo Nome di Maria al Foro di Traiano Church is located next to the Santa Maria di Loreto Church in Rome. The facade of the church is graced by a number of prophet statues on the balustrade.

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Palazzo Colonna Rome

The Palazzo Colonna is located near the Piazza Venezia in the centre of Rome. The building has been owned by the same noble family for more than 900 years. The Galleria Colonna still houses part of the art collection established over the years by this Colonna family. The exhibition can only be visited on Saturday mornings.

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San Marcello al Corso Church Rome

The San Marcello al Corso Church is located along Rome‘s main shopping street, Via del Corso. Its main attractions are frescoes and paintings by important artists such as Jacopo Sansovino, Francesco Salviati, the Zuccari brothers and Antonio Algardi.

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