Precious Romanian Gold. Before and After Trajan (Trajan’s Markets, until April 3rd)

The exhibition “Precious Romanian Gold. Before and After Trajan” , held at Trajan’s Markets (Via IV Novembre, 94) shows golden objects, ranging from jewelry to furnishings and weapons.

As early as the 17th century BC there were gold mines in the land of the Dacians, a fact the Romans became aware of  at the beginning of the 2nd century (AD), after Trajan conquered the area.

The artifacts to be seen are on loan from museums in Transylvania and in Bucharest and were produced during a period stretching from the time of the earliest goldmines to the Byzantine area.

The most interesting objects are the Hinova necklace and the spiral-shaped bracelets of Sarmizegetusa (the Dacian capital at the time of Trajan’s conquest) and the helmet of

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