Santa Marinella travel guide

Santa Marinella is a small beach town 60 km north of Rome. It is especially well-known  for the quality of its beaches. There are also some interesting castles and a number of excavations of ancient Roman villas and other buildings.

Santa Marinella (province of Rome) travel guide

Santa Marinella is very easy to reach from Rome. There are direct trains from Roma Termini. The trip takes around one hour and the beach is only a very short walk from the railway station.

Top 10 tourist attractions Santa Marinella

  1. Castello Odescalchi
  2. Castello San Severa
  3. Museo Civico
  4. Villa Romana delle Grottacce
  5. The Roman bridges.
  6. Villa di Ulpiano
  7. Punicum
  8. Castrum Novum
  9. Punta della Vipera
  10. Castellina del Marangone

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