Sant’Angelo in Spatha Church (Viterbo)

The Chiesa di Sant’Angelo in Spatha is a church in the Piazza Plebiscito in Viterbo.

It is dedicated to the Archangel Michael and the name Spatha comes from the family that had it in patronage in the 11th century.

The gabled facade, which was reconstructed in 1560, is characterized by a portal with a lunette above the architrave.

The whole church was reconstructed in 1746.

The Legend of the Beautiful Galiana

To the right side of the facade there is a copy of a Roman sarcophagus with a hunting scene on it. The sarcophagus was the funeral monument for one “Beautiful Galiana” who refused to marry a Roman baron. The baron attacked Viterbo, the inhabitants resisted, the baron asked to see Galiana one more time before leaving, Galiana showed herself and the baron shot an arrow at her and killed her. (The original sarcophagus can be seen in the Museo Civico.)

Works of Art in th Church of Sant’Angelo in Spatha

  • A 17th century painting by Bartolomeo Cavarozzi (“Saint Isidoro as a Farmer”).
  • The table of the main altar is supported by a Roman capital from the original church.
  • Early 17th century painting by Filippo Caparozzi representing the “Madonna on the Throne with the Child, the Angels who Crown her and the Saints”.
  • The sacristy contains a painting of San Rocco, by Antonio del Massaro aka il Pastura (15th-16th century).


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