Columns St. Peter’s Basilica Rome

The four columns in the middle of Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome support the enormous cupola, which is located directly above the tomb of Saint Peter himself.

Columns St. Peter’s Basilica Rome

At the foot of each one of the columns there is a statue of a saint on a pedestal. The first one on the left is Saint Andrew‘s and the other ones are Veronica, Helena and Longinus. Each one of these statues is represented with a relic.

The relic with Saint Veronica‘s statue is a piece of cloth that used to belong to her.

Longinus holds the spear that pierced Jesus. His column also has another statue, of Saint Peter, leaning against it. It has become a custom among pilgrims to kiss the feet of this statue.

Saint Andrew‘s statue holds a part of the cross. Though there is also an entrance to the catacombs underneath the basilica here, it is closed and the tombs of Peter and the other Popes buried there have to be visited via another entrance.

Saint Helena‘s relic (her skull) is not there anymore, since it was given to the Eastern Orthodox church.

St. Peter’s Basilica – Piazza San Pietro, Rome

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