Sagra della Porchetta in Ariccia (September 1-4 2011)

As always towards the end of the summer the hill town of Ariccia near Rome will organize the their porchetta festival (sagra della porchetta). This year’s festivities will start on September 1 2011 and finish on September 4.

Sagra della Porchetta Ariccia

Apart from the food and the wine (another specialty Ariccia is noted for), every evening there will be lots of music in the main square of the town.

Porchetta is a kind of roasted pork with a mixture of spices consisting of , part from salt and pepper, rosemary and finocchietta (a variety of wild fennel), and is usually eaten with bread.

The various stalls selling the porchetta will open at 6 PM.

Some of the town’s alleys are lined with so-called fraschette, extremely informal eateries that are open not just for the festival, but serve porchetta all year. Their terrace tables enhance the quality of the experience by offering you a gorgeous view over the surrounding countryside.

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