Fire in Tiburtina Station in Rome Will Cause Delays

After a fire destroyed part of the railway station Tiburtina on July 24, 2011 the subway (metropolitana) stop also called Tiburtina will remain closed until later notice. The nearest stops for travelers having to avail themselves of any of the coach companies having their offices at the Piazzale Tiburtina are Bologna and Quintiliani.

Several city buses that normally have the end of the line at Tiburtina will now travel on to the Bologna stop.

Some of the interlocal Cotral bus lines will leave from Rebibbia instead of Tiburtina.

For trains that are supposed to arrive at Tiburtina it is recommended to check the website in order to see if there are changes in arrival times or stops.

Tiburtina Fire Update: Meanwhile metro line B has been reopened, including the Tiburtina stop itself.

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