Suburbs and Zones Rome

Whereas the most central districts of Rome are called rioni and quartieri, the outer suburbs are called suburbi and zone.

Suburbs and zones Rome

There are 6 suburbi (singular: suburbo) and 53 zone (singular: zona). The zones, together with the 7 zones of the city of Fiumicino, are collectively called the Agro Romano.

Most of the zones and suburbs are not very densely populated. They are usualyy not very interesting for tourist either, since only some of them contain attractions worth mentioning.

Castel Fusano is the 3oth zona (Z: XXX) and has one big attraction in the form of the Villa di Plinio, also known as the Villa della Palombara.

Isola Farnese (Z. LV) lies north of the center. It is a small village with a medieval castle and historical center, but it best known because of the ruins of the Etruscan village of Veio in the surrounding country side.

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