Fountain of the Dioscuri Rome (Piazza del Quirinale)

The Fountain of the Dioscuri is located in the Piazza del Quirinale in the center Rome. It consists of two enormous statues of the Dioscuri and their horses, plus the Quirinal Obelisk. The monument is also known as the Monte Cavallo Fountain.

Fountain of the Dioscuri Rome

The Fontana dei Dioscuri was commissioned by Pope Sixtus V Peretti and designed by Domenico Fontana (1588). The obelisk was added later, in 1786, when it was transported to the Quirinal Hill from the Campo Marzio.

Fontana had designed a fountain with an octagonal basin with a pedestal in the middle. Another basin rested on this pedestal. Enormous statues of the Dioscuri with their horses embellished the fountains.

Unfortunately the original fountain was destroyed and today’s version dates from the year 1818, when Pope VII Chiaramonti had a new one built, this time made of granite and with a circular instead of an octagonal lower basin.

Fontana dei Dioscuri, Piazza del Quirinale, Roma

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