Sant’Eustachio Church Rome

The Church of Sant’Eustachio is located in the historical center of Rome, in the district of Sant’Eustachio, which was named for this church, at a short walking distance from the Pantheon.

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Sant’Eustachio il Caffé Rome

Sant’Eustachio il Caffé is the name of a famous coffee bar in the square of the same name in Rome. According to people in the know it is here that you can drink the best espresso of the city.

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Fountain of the Books

The Fountain of the Books (Fontanella dei Libri) was built close to the Sant’Ivo alla Sapienza University in the center of Rome. The fountain was designed by Pietro Lombardi, who had been assigned to construct various fountains for a number of districts.

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Corso del Rinascimento Rome

The Corso del Rinascimento in Rome connects the Piazza delle Cinque Lune to the Corso Vittorio Emanuele II. The street runs parallel to the long side of the Piazza Navona. The Piazza Madama divides the street into two sections. The Corso del Rinascimento forms the border between the districts of Parione (on the west side) and Sant’Eustachio (east side).

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San Luigi dei Francesi Church Rome

The Chiesa di San Luigi dei Francesi is the French national church in Rome. It was founded in 1518 by the then Cardinal Giulio dei Medici (later Pope Clement VII) and completed in 1589 by Giacomo della Porta and Domenico Fontana. Continue reading “San Luigi dei Francesi Church Rome”

Sant’Eustachio District Rome

The Sant’Eustachio district is Rome‘s 8th rione. Despite being one of the smallest ones, its central location and abundance of tourist attractions makes it one of the city’s most popular areas.

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