Prenestino-Labicano District Rome (Quartiere VII)

Rome‘s 7th quartiere, called Prenestino-Labicano, is outside the the city walls, between the Via Prenestina and the Via Casilina. The first part of the Via Casilina used to be called Via Labicana, which is why the district is called Prenestino-Labicano.

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Pigneto Neighborhood Rome

Trastevere has always been there, and Testaccio is also a given. For years San Lorenzo, across the Termini railway tracks and close to the Sapienza University in Rome, was the new happening area and at present it is the turn of Pigneto. The neighborhood has rapidly become the city’s number 1 hipster district.

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Catacombs of Marcellinus and Peter Rome

The Catacombs of Marcellinus and Peter in Rome are part of a complex containing the basilica of the same name and the Mausoleum of Helena (also known as Tor Pignattara). The original name of the complex was the inter duas lauros. They are among the biggest catacombs in Rome and are decorated with Biblical scenes.

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