Ponte Testaccio Rome

The Ponte Testaccio is a bridge connecting the Largo Giovanni Battista Marzi (rione Testaccio) to the Lungotevere Portuense (Portuense neighborhood) in Rome.

Ponte Testaccio Rome

When Rome’s ex-Mattattoio (former slaughterhouse) was demolished it was thought to build a bridge that would create a direct thoroughfare from the railway station Stazione Trastevere to the Viale Aventino.

When construction was started in 1938 the bridge was still to be called the Ponte Africa, but later the name was changed to Ponte Testaccio, after Rome’s 20th district.

It has a length of almost 122m and a width of 31m and consists of one arch of reinforced concrete. The architect was Bastianelli and construction was finished in 1948.

Ponte Testaccio – Rome

Ponte Della Magliana Rome

The Ponte della Magliana is a Roman bridge and connects the Riva Pian Due Torri (EUR) to the Via del Cappellaccio (suburbio Portuense).

Ponte Della Magliana Rome

It was designed by the engineer Romolo Raffaelli and consists of seven arches of reinforced concrete, which are covered with travertino marble. Construction started in 1930, but was slowed down during World War II, when the Germans destroyed parts of it. The work was finally finished in 1948.

The reason to build it was the International Exhibition, which was supposed to haven been held in 1942.

The Ponte della Magliana gets its name from the neighborhood, named Magliana by the Romans, and has a length of more than 220m and a width of 19m.

Ponte della Magliana – Rome

Ponte Marconi Rome

Ponte Guglielmo Marconi, or simply Ponte Marconi, is a Roman bridge connecting the Piazza Augusto Righi (Ostiense district) to the Piazza Thomas Edison (Portuense district).

Ponte Marconi Rome

The Ponte Marconi is Rome‘s longest bridge (235m) and has a width of more than 31m.

Construction was started in 1937, the year the Italian scientist Guglielmo Marconi died, but was interrupted during World War II, only to be restarted long after the end of the war, in 1953. The work was finished in 1955.

It was built with the aim of creating a quick connection from Trastevere to the EUR quarter.

Ponte Marconi – Rome

Portuense District Rome (Quartiere XI)

Portuense is the 11th quartiere of Rome and is situated along the river Tiber, south of the rione Trastevere. The quartiere is named for the Via Portuense and is one of the first 15 quartieri which were named in 1921.

Portuense District Rome (Quartiere XI)

It is easy to reach from both Roma Termini and Fiumicino airport by taking a train to the Roma Trastevere railway station.

The district is separated from the Trastevere neighborhood by the Porta Portese. This 17th century┬ácity gate also forms one of the entrances to the city’s famous flea market of the same name.

The best known church in the area is the Santa Passera Church.