Saint Sebastian Outside the Walls Church Rome

The Basilica of Saint Sebastian Outside the Walls is one of the oldest churches in Rome. It is built on top of the Catacombs of Saint Sebastian and is located outside the city walls. The entrance to these catacombs is inside the basilica.

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Circus of Maxentius Rome

The Circus of Maxentius is one of the most important historical and archeological sites along the ancient Appian Way and was established during Maxentius‘ reign, which lasted only six years (306-312). Continue reading “Circus of Maxentius Rome”

Catacombs of Saint Sebastian Rome

Saint Sebastian was a soldier who was martyred during the reign of Diocletian (end of the 3rd century). He was pierced with arrows, then killed by blows of a club and thrown into the Cloaca Maxima. He appeared in a vision to the matron Irene, who subsequently picked up his body and carried it to the catacombs. His cult became very popular and in the 5th century a crypt was excavated around his tomb.

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Cecilia Metella Mausoleum Rome

The Mausoleum of Cecilia Metella in Rome is a big funerary monument, built in the 1st century B.C. It is located along the ancient Appian Way in the southern part of the city, about 5km outside the city borders. The mausoleum’s location, on top of a hill, made it an important landmark for people traveling to Rome from the south.

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Catacombs of Pretestato Rome

The Catacombs of Pretestato in Rome were excavated between 1847 and 1872, though their existence was already known in the 16th century. In 1931 another cemetery was discovered above ground. This rather extensive burial ground contained the remains of members of the imperial family and of senators.

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