Via Appia Antica Rome

The Via Appia Antica is the most famous and best preserved of the ancient Roman so-called “consular roads”. It is also called Regina Viarum (“Queen amongst Streets”) and was built in 312 BC by the censor Appio Claudio Cieco, who had earlier had the first aqueduct built in Rome. The English name for the street is Appian Way.

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Domine Quo Vadis Church Rome

Once upon a time Saint Peter was walking along the ancient Appian Way and who did he meet but a (vision of) Jesus. Domine Quo Vadis?, Saint Peter asked, or in other words, “Where are You going, Lord?” Jesus, always ready for an answer, replied “Eo Romam iterum crucifigi” (“I am going to Rome in order to be crucified again”). Saint Peter thus decided to return to Rome and accept martyrdom.

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