Villa delle Vignacce Rome

The Villa delle Vignacce is one of the ruins inside the Parco degli Acquedotti in the southern part of Rome. It was one of the biggest villa’s found outside what was then the center of the city. Unfortunately there is not much left of the original construction. Sculptures and other artefacts found during the excavations are on display in museums in Rome and other cities.

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Parco degli Acquedotti Rome

The Aqueduct Park (Parco degli Acquedotti) is a huge park in the Appio Claudio district of Rome. As the name indicates, the main attraction of this park is the presence of some extremely well-preserved aqueducts.

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Appio Claudio District Rome (Q. XXV)

Appio Claudio is the 25th quartiere of Rome. The name comes from Appio Claudio Cieco, who had the Via Appia Antica and a number of aqueducts built. Romans themselves usually call Appio Claudio, together with the adjacent Don Bosco, Cinecittà .

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