Districts Rome: Rioni, Quartieri and more.

The most central districts of Rome are called rioni and there are 22 of them. It is here that the most important tourist attractions can be found. The area outside the rioni is made up of 35 quartieri and stretches to the Grande Raccordo Anulare, the ringroad around the city. The next layer is occupied by the suburbi and finally there are 53, sparsely populated, zone.

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Panoramic Lifts and Terrace Vittoriano

Many people make fun of the Vittorio Emanuele Monument in Rome and its rather elaborate architecture, as the nicknames “wedding cake” and “typewriter” testify. Some guidebooks even go as far as saying that the best aspect of being inside the Complesso is that it is the only point from where you don’t have to look at the eyesore.

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Indian Restaurant Himalaya’s Kashmir Rome

Himalaya’s Kashmir is an excellently priced Indian-Pakistani restaurant in the Esquilino neighborhood near Roma Termini and a favorite of the Indian population of Rome. The decoration provides a warm, welcoming and typically oriental atmosphere and both the owner and his father (who is often there on Sundays) are among the kindest people one could hope to meet.

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