City Buses Rome

Bus 105 to Roma Termini

The central square for local city buses in Rome is the Piazza dei Cinquecento. It is situated in fromt of the main train station Roma Termini and from here almost any destination in Rome can be reached easily.

City buses Rome

Bus 105 to Roma Termini

The local bus company in Rome is called ATAC and has an information booth on the right side of the Piazza dei Cinquecento.

There is a unified ticket system for local buses, trams, the underground and (some) local trains.

There are different kinds of buses. The normal ones are indicated with the letter “U”. So-called Express buses, that only follow main routes, but skip many stops, are indicated with the letter “I”, and night buses with the letter “N”. There are also some small electric buses, necessary for the narrow streets in the historic center.

For interlocal buses there are several other squares from where you can leave, while the buses from the two airports also arrive and leave from Termini.

The international coach company Flixbus has its office and main stop on the Piazzale Tiburtina, near Rome’s second railway station, also called Tiburtina. Tiburtina Station is on line B of the Roman underground system.

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