Roman Monuments Monti District Rome

Forum of Augustus - Top 10 tourist attractions Monti district Rome

Since Rome‘s Monti District is one of the most central neighborhoods of the city it is not surprising that there are several Roman ruins within its borders. Especially the area in and around the Colle Oppio Park is full of ancient monuments. Other important excavations can be viewed along the Via dei Fori Imperiali.

Roman Monuments Monti District Rome

Fori Imperiali

Fori Imperiali - Roman Monuments Monti District Rome

The Imperial Fora (Fori Imperiali) were built when the Roman Forum ran out of space. They are located alongside what is now the Via dei Fori Imperiali and can be viewed from the street. A visit is especially beuatiful in the evening, when the monument is nicely lit up. Only on very special occasions it is allowed to walk among the ruins. (See also Forum of Trajan, Forum of Augustus, Forum of Nerva (or Foro Transitorio), Forum of Peace). The House of the Knights of Rhodes is built inside the Forum of Augustus.

Domus Aurea

Domus Aurea Rome

The Domus Aurea is located inside the Colle Oppio Park. The monument, which is also known as Nero‘s “Golden House” is mostly underground. As of October 2014 the excavations can be visited again, but only in the weekend and only accompanied by an official guide. Before that it was deemed too dangerous, since the structure could collapse.

Ludus Magnus

Ludus Magnus Rome

The Ludus Magnus was found between the Colle Oppio and Celio hills. Part of the monument can still be seen between the Via Labicana and the Via di San Giovanni in Laterano. The Ludus Magnus was one of four gladiator schools that existed in Rome. It was connected to the Colosseum by means of an underground passage.

Colle Oppio Park

Baths of Trajan - Top 10 Tourist Attractions Rome

The Baths of Caracalla and the Baths of Diocletian may be better known, but the Baths of Trajan were the very first of its kind in Rome. Like the Domus Aurea, which it partly covers, some ruins of the Baths of Trajan are still visible in the Colle Oppio Park. To the south of the park there are some ruins that are known as the Cisterna delle Sette Sale, which were part of Trajan’s Baths. The Baths of Titus, of which some ruins can also be seen in the park, were built at the same time as the Colosseum.

Domus Romane in Palazzo Valentini

The Palazzo Valentini is a historical building in the Via IV Novembre 119/a. It owes its fame to the ruins of an ancient Roman Domus, which were found underneath the building. Some of the mosaics and wall paintings on display are very well preserved. Reservations are obligatory.

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