Roma Pass 48 Hours (2022)

Roma Pass 48 Hours

The Roma Pass (three days free public transport and museums in Rome, albeit with a lot of limitations) has existed for several years. Now there is also a tourist pass for people who spend fewer than three days in Rome. After giving it some serious thought, the name chosen for the pass is Roma Pass 48 Hours.

Roma Pass 48 Hours Rome (2022)

Roma Pass 48 Hours
Roma Pass 48 Hours

As of April 1st 2014 the 48 hour pass, as the name says, gives 2 days of free public transport in Rome , free admission to one monument or museum, reduced admission to museums or archaeological sites visited subsequently and a free map of the city. The cost of the card for 2022 remains 32 Euros.

Just as with the original Roma Pass, the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel are not included.

One big advantage is that at the Colosseum 48 Hour card-holders can enter through the special gate for people who already have bought tickets in advance, without having to queue.

The card can be bought both at the PIT’s (City of Rome Information Points) and online through the official Roma Pass website.

Once in possession of the card, the requested personal information needs to be filled out and shown on request, together with a valid ID.

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