Rocca Priora

Rocca Priora is a small town (around 12,000 inhabitants in 2011) near Rome. It islocated in the area commonly known as the Castelli Romani.

Rocca Priora travel guide

Supposedly the name is a bastardization of Rocca Periura, which means something to the tune of “fortress inhabited by liars”.

Rocca Priora is probably located at the site where the old Latin settlement of Corbium used to be.

After the destruction of Corbium a Roman villa was built here in the 3rd century.

At the end of the 11th century there was a fortress, the Castrum Perjuriae Arcis, at the top of the hill. This was given as a present by the then count of Tusculum, Agapito, to his daughter.

In 1191 the Tuscolani lost the castle to the Annibaldi family.

Between the 14th and 16th centuries the Savelli family owned the fortress, with a short intermission during which it was papal property.

In the 16th century Rocca Priora was almost completely destroyed, but the Savelli‘s reconstructed it, also building new dwellings. Later, as a result of financial problems, they had to give it to the Camera Apostolica.

In the early 19th century it was sold again, partly to Luciano Bonaparte and partly to the Rospigliosi family, who owned it until 1870 when Rocca Priori became property of the newly created Italian State.

Rocca Priora Tourist Attractions

  • Buildings: Palazzo Savelli (The present Town Hall).
  • Nature: Pratoni (Fields) del Vivaro, Marsh of Doganella and the Cerquone Woods.
  • Churches: Santa Maria Assunta In Cielo (Piazza Umberto I), Madonna della Neve (Viale degli Olmi, 2) and San Giuseppe, (Via Tuscolana, fraction Piani di Caiano).

Rocca Priora Feasts and Festivals

  • Weekly market: Thursdays.
  • In Mid January is the feast of Saint Anton (San Antonio Abate), with a parade and a benediction of the animals in the square in front of the Church of the Holy Mary of the Assumption.
  • January: Sagra dello Scottone (29 January 2012).
  • February: Feast Of San Biagio.
  • May: Festa del Narciso.
  • August 16: Festival of the Patron Saint of Rocca Priora, Saint Rocco, with various festivities and fireworks at the end.
  • August: Sagra dell’Agnello (in the frazione Colle di Fuori)
  • September: Sagra del Fungo Porcino (in the frazione Colle di Fuori)

The Rocca Priora Tourist Office can be found in the Viale degli Olmi, 8 (phone: +39 0694073018).

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