Public Transport Rome

There are four different kinds of public transport in Rome. The metro system consists of 3 lines, although one of these is not really ready yet. Most tram lines are not important for tourists since they go around the center, but hardly enter it. There is an extensive network of bus lines, however, which will get you to any part of the city. Lastly, there are also some train lines that are considered part of the Rome public transport network.

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Interlocal buses Rome

Even though Italy has a fairly extensive railway network, many smaller towns cannot be reached by train from Rome. The biggest company providing bus connections to towns outside the capital, especially to the northern part of the regione Lazio, is Co.Tra.L. Since it is virtually impossible to find parking space in the centre, the interlocal bus squares are mainly found near metro stations in the suburbs.

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Roma Termini central station

There are several railway stations in Rome, but Roma Termini, in the rione Esquilino, is the most important and central one of these. All daytime Intercity and Eurostar trains arrive in Termini and Termini is also the only point where the two underground lines of Rome meet. Most of the important bus lines leave from Termini as well. Continue reading “Roma Termini central station”

Arriving in Rome By Train

There are two railway companies in Italy, Trenitalia and Italo. The official Trenitalia website supplies information about train rates, timetables and reservations. Italo only travels between the big cities. When Italo started out they often had good deals, but nowadays there is not much difference between the two companies. Italo trains tend to be slightly more comfortable though.

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Roma Termini Facilities

In the course of the past twenty years Rome‘s central station Roma Termini has gradually been turned into a shopping mall. Almost every little bit of space has been taken up by fast food restaurants and all kinds of stores, mainly catering to tourists. Several important facilities have been moved to hard to find spots in the railway station.

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