Roma Pass 2021

The Roma Pass is a combined public transportation and museum pass for Rome, Italy. From the moment it is validated the Roma Pass gives unlimited access to three days of public transportation in Rome. The first two museums or monuments visited (but note that the Vatican Museums are not included) are free, and the following attractions can be seen at a reduced admission price. The pass also allows you to skip the lines at various tourist attractions. The price of the Roma Pass for 2021 is 38,50 Euros. For people who visit Rome for less than 3 days there is an alternative pass (as of April 1st, 2014) called the Roma Pass 48 Hours.

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Interlocal buses Rome

Even though Italy has a fairly extensive railway network, many smaller towns cannot be reached by train from Rome. The biggest company providing bus connections to towns outside the capital, especially to the northern part of the regione Lazio, is Co.Tra.L. Since it is virtually impossible to find parking space in the centre, the interlocal bus squares are mainly found near metro stations in the suburbs.

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Foreign Embassies in Rome

Unfortunately the main reason a tourist in Rome would have to contact his or her embassy is when a passport is stolen. Here follows a list of the foreign embassies in Rome by continent, with addresses and phone numbers. In case your documents were stolen and you need a new passport, be sure to get a police report before going to the embassy.

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Opening Hours Colosseum Rome 2021

The Colosseum is Rome‘s major tourist attraction. The monument attracts around 6 million visitors a year. This means that on the day you visit you will share the monument with around 16 thousand other tourists. On this page you will find practical information about the Colosseum, including address and public transport, opening hours and admission. From October till March admission is free on the first Sunday of the month. I have created a separate page for a short description and history of the Colosseum.

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