Practical Information Rome

Saint Peter's Dome above the Vatican Walls

This section gives an overview of practical information about Rome. How to get there and how to get around the city. What to do in case of theft. Some general information about food, including markets and supermarkets. Addresses of institutions such as hospitals, pharmacies and post offices.

Practical Information Rome

Latest News Rome

Strikes Rome

The days without public transport problems in Rome are few and far between. Strikes are a regular occurrence, and maintenance work on streets and metro lines often causes delays or even complete lack of public transport. The latest news section keeps you informed about this and about important events, such as festivals, current exhibitions and public holidays.

Public transport

Rome Metropolitana

The public transport section of the site deals both with how to arrive in Rome and with how to get around the city. You can read about the various airport connections and about Roma Termini, the main railway station. Though Rome is best visited on foot, metro, bus and tram lines take you everywhere. Uber tends to be more expensive than taking a taxi.

Tourist Information and Museum Cards

Tourist information kiosk in Trastevere - Practical information Rome

There are several tourist information offices in Rome. They can be found at the airports, at the main railway station and near the most important attractions. Don’t expect a high standard of service. The Roma Pass is sold here, but the Omnia Card is not. Usually, but not always, you can get a free map here. Recently, some public toilets, called P-Stops have been opened. Here you can also get tourist information.

What to do in case of theft or illness

Though Rome is not a violent city, it does have a big problem with pickpockets. There are several things you need to in case important belongings (passports, credit cards, valuables) are stolen. In case you have an accident or a serious illness, you go to a Pronto Soccorso (“First Aid”) in one of the city’s hospitals. This is a completely free service, even for non-Italians.


Even 20 years ago, there were very few supermarkets in the center of Rome, but nowadays each district has several. They usually stay open till around 8 PM. Each district also has a daily fruit and vegetable street market, open from 7AM till 2 PM (except on Sundays). Restaurants are generally open from around 1 PM till 4 PM and then again from 7 PM till midnight.

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