Piper Club Rome

The Piper Club in Rome is one of the oldest live music venues and discotheques of Rome. It was opened in in 1965 and already in its first year several big names in Italian music, such as Patty Pravo, Romina Power and Renato Zero, performed here.

Piper Club Rome

Nowadays a stronghold of underground, house and dance music, initially Piper started out as a venue for sixties beat music, even hosting shows by groups like Procol Harum, Pink Floyd and even Jimi Hendrix.

Since then Piper has always followed the trends: In the 70’s David Bowie, Genesis and jazzmen like Lionel Hampton and Duke Ellingtom played here, followed by Nirvana in the 80’s and, after a long period without live music, in the first years of the present century saw a.o. Babyshambles and the Fratellis.

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