Palazzo dei Priori (Viterbo)

The Palazzo dei Priori is one of the two buildings that make up Viterbo‘s town house, known as the Palazzi Comunali, which can be found in the main square of the city, Piazza Plebiscito.

It was constructed in the 13th (a.o. the beautiful row of columns) and 14th centuries.

When walking through the archway in the main square one enters a small courtyard with a fountain, an arcade, the lids of some Etruscan sarcophagi, and a beautiful view.

The entrance to the complex is just downhill from the Piazza.

Several parts of the buildings are open to visitors, notably the 17th century chapel and a number of grand rooms on the piano nobile.

The Sala del Consiglio and the Sala Regia of this piano nobile are highlights, with 16th century frescoes depicting important events in the history of Viterbo.

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