Omnia Vatican & Rome Card 2019

Omnia Vatican & Rome Card

After the Roma Pass and the Roma 48 Hours Pass there is now, for the first time, a pass combining Rome‘s religious and secular tourist attractions. Howe ver, although the pass includes both the Colosseum and the Vatican Museums, it is not necessarily worth it.

Omnia Vatican & Rome Card 2021

(Note that not everything is open during the Covid-crisis. The Vatican Museums and the Mamertine Prison will reopen on May 3rd.)

Omnia Vatican & Rome Card 2014
Omnia Vatican & Rome Card

The Vatican City and the Vatican-run Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi have joined forces and created the Omnia Vatican & Rome card. The card is valid for 3 days and costs 113 Euros for adults and 65 Euros for children aged 6 to 12 (although sometimes 10% discounts are offered).

Their website claims:

With OMNIA you have a unique portfolio of services that permits you to visit basilicas, religious and cultural monuments, and it also gives you access to the Roma Cristiana Open Bus and the city’s public transportation system.

What is included?

Is the Omnia Card worth it?

Some of this sounds better than it is in reality, though. The fast-track access to the Basilica of Saint John in the Lateran would be great if not for the fact that there is never a queue anyway. The same goes for the Mamertine Prison. The two (wow!) information leaflets on museums and information on the Roma Pass can easily be found on the internet. A visit to the Vatican Gardens is definitely an added pleasure to the usual Rome tourist itinerary, but that would mean forfeiting your fast-track access to Saint Peter’s Basilica.

The price of the Roma Pass is 34 Euros, the price of the Omnia Pass is 95 Euros, so basically you are paying 61 Euros for fast track access to the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel (20 Euros normally), fast-track access to Saint Peter’s (which in itself is free) and to the Basilica of Saint John in Lateran (free), the Mamertine Prison (10 Euros for adults, but would you normally have visited this?) and the Roma Cristiana Open Bus tour (18 Euros for adults, but would you normally have done this tour, apart from the fact that you might be running out of time by now?).

You can purchase the Omnia Vatican & Rome Card online or at the ORP Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi offices and the Tourist Information Kiosks. If you buy the pass online you will need to exchange your voucher at one of the ORP offices. The Tourist Information Kiosks do not exchange the vouchers.

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