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The Nuovo Mercato Esquilino is a fruit, vegetable and fish market in Rome’s multi-cultural Esquilino district. This covered market consists of two entire blocks. In the first one, coming from Roma Termini, most stalls sell cheap China-imported clothes, while the second part is dedicated to food from all over the world.

Nuovo Mercato Esquilino

Address and opening hours

The Mercato Rionale Nuovo Esquilino is located inside two huge buildings on the corner of the Via Filippo Turati and the Via Mamiani. Opening hours: From 07.00 till 14.00h. Closed: Sundays.

History and description

Nuovo Mercato Esquilino

The market has not always been indoors. It was not until the food and vegetable market in the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II itself became too noisy and smelly for the inhabitants of the area it was moved indoors, to a building in the Via Principe Amedeo.

The original market, two rows of stalls around the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele itself, existed for more than a century before it was moved to its present location. It was started towards the end of the 19th century and renovated in 1913. It survived fascism and even continued during the war, but on September 15, 2001 it was finally moved to the former carabinieri barracks.

Nowadays it is one of Rome’s most colourful spots, with Chinese stalls next to Romanians selling vegetables and stalls of Indian spices beside Italians themselves selling specialities from the Lazio countryside.

Corner of Via Filippo Turati and Via Mamiani – Rome

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