Nativity Scene of the Garbage Collectors Rome

A very unusual (and unknown) tourist attraction in Rome is the nativity scene created by Giuseppe Ianni in collaboration with the garbage collectors’ company AMA. The nativity scene is, in fact, known as the Presepio dei Netturbini (Nativity Scene of the Garbage Collectors).

Nativity Scene of the Garbage Collectors Rome

The nativity scene, made with stones collected from countries from all over the world, tries to re-create the way a Palestinian village must have looked 2000 years ago, with more than 100 dwellings made of tufo stone, altogether more than 50 meters of streets with tiny cobblestones, and 4 rivers and aqueducts.

There are caves dug out of the rocks and steps going up and down and no less than 270 characters peopling the village.

Since 1972, the year of its creation, the village has grown every year through voluntary work by the AMA collaborators.

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