Micca Market

Wish to visit a Sunday market in Rome, without losing your Saturday night night-life for it? Micca Market, in a new location just off the Piazza Barberini, might be the place for you.

Micca Market is held in a rather unusual location, since instead of taking place in a square, a street or a specially created site, it is held in a club, logically called the Micca Club. (Beware that many websites still claim the address of the club to be in the Via Pietro Micca, but they changed location in 2013.)

The market has been active since 2006 and is unusual not just for its location, but also for the wares that are sold. Generally, unless there is market with a particular theme, Micca Market caters to the younger, more alternative crowd, with vintage fashion and design, vinyl records, and especially with self-made jewelry, such as earrings created from recycled objects. The beauty is that nothing in this market is mass-produced.

Very few of the items for sale will also be sold in “normal stores”, so what you get is exclusive, yet affordable pieces of jewelry.

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