Michelangelo Pistoletto Exhibition in the Maxxi Museum Until August 15, 2011.

Venus of the Rags

Rome’s MAXXI National Museum of XXI Century Arts and the Philadelphia Museum of Art collaborate on two exhibitions devoted to the artist Michelangelo Pistoletto. The exhibitions will run from March 4 to August 15 2011.

Pistoletto exhibition (MAXXI, 2011)

Venus of the Rags

Michelangelo Pistoletto was born in 1933 in Biella, a city between Turin and the Swiss border, and is a well-known painter and art theorist and one of the main representatives of the Arte Povera movement, which was influential in Italy towards the end of the 1960’s. Pistoletto often painted on mirrors and was known to combine high art in the form of classic sculptures with rags in order to distort accepted hierarchies.

The first exhibition will be titled “Michelangelo Pistoletto: From one to many, 1956 – 1974” (Michelangelo Pistoletto: da uno a molti, 1956 – 1974) and shows the main stages in Pistoletti’s career as an artist. The theatre and performance artists of the group Zoo form a special part of the exhibition.

The second exhibition is called “Cittadellarte“, which could be translated as Cityofart (yes, written without spaces) and deals with the changing ethics in society. Some large installations are used, with titles such as “Mediterranean Sea – Love Difference” and “New Symbol Of Infinity“.

The photo “Venus in Rags” is by Paolo Pellion di Persano

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