Lux in Arcana (Capitoline Museums, Until 9 September 2012)

From March 1 2012 until September 9 2012 the Capitoline Museums in Rome are hosting an exhibition titled Lux Arcana – The Vatican’s Secret Archives Revealed.

Lux in Arcana (Capitoline Museums, Until 9 September 2012)

The Vatican’s Secret Archives were founded exactly four centuries ago and to celebrate this, for the first time ever, numerous important documents, manuscripts, and other paperwork can be seen outside the confines of the Vatican City itself.

The documents cover a period beginning in the 8th and ending in the 20th century. A choice had to made of course since the total length of all the archives put side by side would come to more than 8 km.

The title Lux in Arcana conveys the underlying aim of the exhibition: “Light in the Archives”.

The exhibition is divided into various sections, beginning with the one titled “Keeper of the Memory” (Il Custode della Memoria), which gives an overview of the kind of documents to be seen.

There are sections about the relationship of the Catholic Church with other religions, about heretics, about important women in the history of the church, about documents concerning the relationship between church and state, about famous scientists and inventors and about the history of the conclaves.

Lux in Arcana, Capitoline Museums until September 9 2012; Admission: 12 Euros (10 Euros concessions); Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 9 AM – 8 PM; Closed: Mondays, May 1.

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