Latest News Rome

The latest news about Rome, with lots of public transport problems (partial closure of metro line B and the Barberini stop on line A closed indefinitely), new exhibitions (Canova, Michelangelo) and other plans to remove the famous Roman cobblestones from some streets and reuse them in other ones.

Latest News Rome

14 December Evening Openings with Music Rome Museums

For the eleventh edition of Musei in Musica on December 14th, the city museums of Rome remain open until late in the evening. The public can visit the permanent collections, admire the temporary exhibitions and enjoy a rich programme of concerts and live performances.

Rome Metro line B partially closed September to December 2019

After months of inconvenience on subway line A in Rome, it is now the turn of subway line B. From 9 September to 7 December 2019, part of line B will close earlier than normal. In addition, during several weekends part of this line will be completely closed.

Baldo degli Ubaldi metro stop closed for three months

Maintenance work on the 12 escalators and 7 lifts in the Baldo degli Ubaldi metro station will take about three months. During the closure, the frequency of bus line 490 will increase. Most tourists will not even notice, as the stop is not near the historical center of the city.

Barberini stop on metro line A closed

In March 2019 the Barberini stop on metro line A was closed because of problems with the escalators. Those problems still have not been solved. Apparently in the meantime the station has been taking over by rats.

Michelangelo Exhibition in Piazza Barberini

The exhibition in the Palazzo Barberini showcasess reproductions of a number of drawings by Michelangelo himself, together with paintings by some of his most important followers. The exhibition started on October 11th and will continue until January 6th, 2020.

Cobblestones to be Removed from Main Thoroughfares

Several streets in the historical center of Rome are paved with sampietrini, the typical Roman cobblestones. Among these are some of the most important streets of the city, such as the Via Nazionale and the Via IV Novembre. Although considered a symbol of the city, the cobblestones are also slippery when it rains and hard to maintain. The mayor of Rome has now decided to take the sampietrini away from the main thoroughfares and place them in the pedestrian streets in the historical center instead.

Tarpeian Rock Restoration Paid by Gucci

Tarpeian Rock Rome

In June 2019 the fashion brand Gucci has pledged 1,6 million Euros for the restoration of the Tarpeian Rock. The works will include the installation of a new lighting system. The path around the cliff will be cleared and the gardens around it will also be restored. Work is supposed to finish in 2021. In the days of the Roman Republic condemned criminals were thrown off this 25 meter high cliff.

Canova Exhibition October 2019 – March 2020

An exhibition of the Italian neoclassical sculptor Antonio Canova is planned in the Museo di Roma (Palazzo Braschi) for the autumn of 2019. Canova (1757-1822) is known as one of the greatest of the neoclassical artists. His most famous sculptures are Amore e PsicheTre Grazie and Paolina Borghese. Those who would like to see some of his best work, but are not in Rome during the exhibition, can visit the Galleria Borghese or St. Peter’s Basilica.

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