Ke Nako Rome

The Ke Nako is a multipurpose space in the historic student district of Rome called San Lorenzo. It was inaugurated on March 31, 2011 and its policy is to integrate different art forms and different ages, by mixing and confronting key notions like history, roots and ethnicity with innovative an modern ones like ecology and technology.

Ke Nako Rome

Music, graphic art and culinary art all come together in one interesting artistic melting pot.

The venue was created by preserving the original architectural structure and using it in unexpected ways. For the furnishing natural and recycled material has been used.

The musical concerts at Ke Nako will include mostly jazz, folk and world music and there will also be performance events, where musicians will collaborate with representatives of other art forms.

The decorations include videos and photographs, as well as large prints and drawings by young street artists.

The Ke Nako kitchen serves hot lunches for students and in the evening hors d’oeuvres with delicacies from all over the planet. On Sunday mornings it is possible to have breakfast at Ke Nako. Water is free, plastic bottles are not used and there are special vegatarian and vegan menus.

Ke Nako has a varied wine list with choices from all over Italy and for its cocktails only fresh, seasonal fruit is used. There is also a good choice of beers.

The name Ke Nako is an expression of the Pedi people in the South-African Limpopo area and means “The time has come”.

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