Italy Goes on Vacation (MAXXI, 2011)

“Italy Goes on Vacation: Photographs from the MAXXI Architecture Collection” is the first one of a planned series of exhibitions at Rome‘s new modern art museum, the MAXXI .

Italy Goes on Vacation Exhibition, MAXXI, 2011

The collection consists of over 1000 photographs that have been acquired from the year 2003 onwards and encompass a huge variety of subjects.

This first exhibition, chosen to coincide with the season, highlights the Italian holidays through the work of 11 photographers (Nunzio Battaglia, Bruna Biamino, Giancarlo Ceraudo, John Davies, Alex Maclean, Walter Niedermayr, Enzo Obiso, Fabio Ponzio, Francesco Radino, Fulvio Ventura and Massimo Vitali).

The photographs themselves were taken at all the locations that make Italy into such a fascinating place to be: From the (overcrowded) beaches to the medieval town centers of Tuscany and from the island of Sicily to the northernmost parts of the region of Trento.

The exhibition “Italia va in vacanza: Fotografie dalle Collezioni del MAXXI Architettura” lasted until September 25, 2011.

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