Guggenheim: American avant-garde 1945-1980 (Palaexpo, until 6 May 2012)

In the Palazzo delle Esposizioni (Via Nazionale, 149) an exhibition will start on February 7th, 2012, dedicated to American avantgarde art during the 35 years follwing the end of World War II.

Guggenheim: American avant-garde 1945-1980 (Palaexpo, finished)

The exhibition is titled The Guggenheim: American avant-garde 1945-1980 and is concerned with those American artistic movements that have made the country (and especially New York and the Guggenheim) into the international center of modern art.

Artistic movements that are represented in this exhibition include the abstract expressionism that came right at the end of the war, the Pop art and conceptual art movements of the sixties and the minimalism and photorealism of the 70’s.

The major part of the paintings and sculptures displayed are on loan from the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York, but some were also contributed by the Venice Peggy Guggenheim Collecton and others by the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao.

Artists whose work is included are, a.o. Jackson PollockSol LeWittGorky ArshileMark RothkoCy Twombly and Willem de Kooning. It is not a coincidence that several of them used to live in Rome for considerable periods of time or have other ties to the Eternal City.

The Italian title of the exhibition is: Il Guggenheim. L’avanguardia americana 1945 a 1980.

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