Fiera di Grottaferrata (Until April 17, 2011)

Until April 17, 2011 in the small town of Grottaferrata in the province of Rome the annual fiera (“fair” or “bazaar”) will take place, this year for the 411th(!) time.

Fiera di Grottaferrata (2011)

The backdrop for the event is as usual the magnificent Abbey of Saint Nilus, which will host hundreds of market stalls on its 15 thousand square meters.

Under the nomer “Green City” part of the fiera will deal with ecology, garbage dispposal and the environment, while another part will pay special attention to those publishing houses that concentrate on political and socially engaged literature.

The most popular part of the market is formed by those stalls that deal with the theme of tradition and showcase various household objects.

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