Frascati is a hill-town located in the province of Roma and can easily be reached from Rome. The city is one of the towns that are collectively known as the Castelli Romani. It is famous for its white wines, for its porchetta, and for the beautiful view over Rome.

Frascati travel guide

Already in the days of the ancient Romans, people came to Frascati in order to escape Rome’s hot summer days. Wealthy people used to construct villas in Frascati.

Tourist attractions in Frascati

  • Cathedral
  • Villa Aldrobandini: Designed by Giacomo della Porta. Its main feature is a huge water fountain, which is no longer in use though. Permission to visit its gardens can be obtained from the tourist office on Piazza Marconi.
  • Villa Torlonia: Public park, with the Teatro delle Acque fountain. Designed by Carlo Maderno.
  • Several restaurants have terraces outside, which allow for a panoramic view over the surrounding countryside and over Rome itself.

Frascati special events

  • In February there are parades in honor of Carnevale.
  • The town’s patron saints are called Filippo and Giacomo. In May there are festivities in their honor.
  • Sagra della Lumaca: The yearly snail-eating festival takes place on June 23rd.
  • Sagra del Vino: The wine festival takes place in October.

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