Excubitorium Rome

An excubitorium was a kind of police barracks in ancient Roman times. The most famous excubitorium is in the Trastevere district, 8 meters below street level.

Excubitorium Rome

Address, opening hours and admission

Address: Via della Settima Coorte 9, Rome (tel. +39 06 060608). Tram: 8. Bus: H. Opening hours: You need to call the above number in order to make an appointment. Admission: 4 Euros (concessions 3 Euros). Guided tours are organzized by the various “cultural associations”. Their fee is not included in the admission price. At the moment the Excubitorium is closed.

History and description

The Trastevere excubitorium, which was called the Excubitorium della VII Coorte dei Vigili, was dug up in the year 1865. Unfortunately the frescoes that used to decorate the walls by that time had already disappeared , as had other works of art that were present there.

Even after it had been excavated, the Excubitorium was basically left to decay and it was not until 1986 that a real restoration took place.

One of the most interesting facets of the excubitorium is the graffiti that was written on the walls by bored Roman police offers.

The Cortes Vigilum, as they were called, also served as firemen.

Via della Settima Coorte 9, Rome

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