Bed and Breakfast Domus Colosseo

Double room

The B&B Domus Amor Colosseo in Rome can be found, as the name indicates, near the Colosseum, close to the entrance to the Colle Oppio park, which houses the Baths of Trajan and the Domus Aurea. The area is well-provided with pubs and restaurants and the Villa Celimontana summer Jazz Festival takes place at a close distance from the B&B.

Bed and Breakfast Domus Colosseo Rome

The palazzo the B&B is housed in was built in the late 19th century, in a very quiet area. There is an inside courtyard. A lift is not needed, since the property is housed on the ground floor.

A special amenity is formed by the PC, which can be used (for free) by all the guests of the bed and breakfast. There is also wifi-access for those who have brought their own laptop.

Check-in takes place from 12 o’clock (noon) onwards. please inform the B&B of you arrival time at the airport or the railway station. Please also inform us of changes or delays in your arrival time.

Check-out at the Rome Bed and Breakfast Domus Colosseo takes place at 11AM. If necessary you can store your bags at reception till your flight leaves.

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