Trattoria Da Danilo Rome

The area around Piazza Vittorio Emanuele in Rome has become somewhat of an immigrant area, which can also be deduced from the number of ethnic (especially Indian, Chines and Korean) restaurants one can choose from.

Trattoria Da Danilo Rome

The trattoria is located in a quiet side street between the Via Emanuele Filiberto and the Piazza Dante. There are only a couple of tables in the upper part, but do not hesitate to walk in when these are all occupied. There is a far bigger extension of the restaurant below. This part can also be reserved for groups.

The specialties are typical Roman pasta dishes like the spaghetti carbonara and the cacio e pepe, and, according to the restaurant’s own websit: Crudi di carne, il faccio io, le orecchiette tartufo and fiori di zucca, the paccheri all’amatriciana, all kinds of steaks, filetto al pecorino di fossa or al tartufo and straccetti. The menu is of course adapted to the vegetables that are in season.

Along the wall there are many photographs of the owners of the trattoria, together with more or less famous Italians and you do not need a lot of imagination to conclude from these pictures that the Lazio soccer team is the one supported by Da Danilo.

As in all Roman family restaurants, the owner and his wife will welcome you, while the owner’s mother is in charge of the cooking.

Da Danilo is not the cheapest trattoria in Rome, but it is not the least affordable either. Count on 10-12 Euros for a plate of pasta.

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