Rome Culture Week 2014 (discontinued)

Every year the city of Rome organizes the so-called “Culture Week” or Settimana della Cultura, which this year, 2014, ought to have been held for the 14th time.

Rome Culture Week

That’s right, OUGHT TO!! Last year, because of the economic crisis, there was not going to be a Culture Week. About this year there is no news yet. Rome had a new mayor, though, and hopefully he will reinstate this excellent and much-loved initiative.

It is rather interesting to note that, since the introduction, at least in the bigger Italian towns, of the tourist tax, there has been a steady increase in expenses for the average tourist, together with an equally steady decrease in service.

What normally happens during the Rome Culture Week

During this culture week, all the city and state-run museums of Rome offer free entrance, museums and galleries that are normally closed open their doors to the general public and many special events , exhibitions and concerts are organized throughout the city.

Note that for the Borghese Gallery you will still need to make a (mandatory) reservation, at least one day before the visiting date. You can do this by phoning +39 0632810.

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