Emperor Nero Exhibition in Colosseum Until September 18, 2011.

Nero, who became emperor when he was 17 years old and reigned for 14 years before committing suicide, is not the most positively remembered of Rome‘s former rulers. He had his stepbrother as well as his mother killed and is supposed to have done extremely nasty things to an extremely high number of Christians, including the saints Peter and Paul.

Emperor Nero Exhibition, Colosseum Rome (2011)

It has to remembered though that in the end the Christians won, and thus got the right to write the histories, which means that the image we have of Mr. Nero is at least partially biased. The exhibition, which will take place in various parts of the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, will try to present a slightly different version of Nero, without understating the atrocities committed in his name, however.

The man who is supposed to have had Rome burnt in the famous fire of 64AD, and blamed and persecuted the Christians for this deed, was initially a rather popular and moderate emperor and even entered – but lost – singing and poetry competitions.

The exhibition, which is one of a series on Roman emperors, will last until September 18, 2011. On the day before it starts, April 11 2011, the Colosseum will only be open in the morning.

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