The present day Cerveteri is not the most beautiful town in the region of Lazio. It still is an important tourist destination, however, thanks to the ancient Etruscan Necropolis found near the city.

The archeological site is very old, dating from between the 7th and 3rd centuries B.C. Of the cities and dwellings of the Etruscans is not that much left, but many of the burial places have survived the centuries and it can be an eerie experience to wander around in the excavated tombs of the Necropolis.

In Etruscan times Cerveteri was known as Kaisra, but under the Romans it came to be called Caere Vetus.

Cerveteri consits of 8 so-called frazioni: Campo di Mare – Cerenova – Ceri – Cerqueto – Marina di Cerveteri – Sasso – Stazione di Furbara – Valcanneto.

Cerveteri tourist attractions

  • Banditaccia Necropolis: Tombs of different kinds and of different periods. Often very dark inside. Many have stone beds, with pillows likewise carved out of stone. Some have no decoration whatsoever, some have been painted. The Necropolis is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Etruscan Museum: Art, artefacts and contents of some of the tombs. It needs to be noted that the collection of the Etruscan Museum in Rome itself is far more extensive.

Cerveteri Hotel

  • A recommended hotel in Cerveteri is the Hotel L’Isola di Rosa, an elegant country hotel with annexed restaurant.

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